Stilt Walkers Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Byron Bay
Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers

Get ready to be captivated as we bring a stunning array of Stilt Walkers to the streets of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Byron Bay. These roaming characters will captivate guests and create unique photo opportunities. Don't miss out!

Stilt Walkers

Captivating Entertainment


Prepare to be enchanted as we infuse a dose of magic, sophistication, and spectacle into the lively streets of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Byron Bay!

Our skilled Stilt Walkers are set to dazzle these beautiful cities, elevating the excitement of any event. Whether you find yourself meandering through the lively streets of Brisbane, enjoying the coastal charm of the Gold Coast, basking in the sun-kissed ambiance of the Sunshine Coast, or embracing the bohemian spirit of Byron Bay, our Stilt Walkers are ready to weave their magic into any setting.

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images/Floral%20Greeters/Stilt%20Walkers%20Byron%20Bay.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/Stilt Walkers Byron Bay.jpg?width=570&height=570

Garden Stilt Walkers

Whether you're here for a peaceful solo escape or a family outing, our Garden Stilt Walkers add that extra sprinkle of wonder and awe to your experience.

images/Floral%20Greeters/Tulips%20xl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/Tulips xl.jpg?width=570&height=570


Whether you're here for a peaceful solo escape or a family outing, our Garden Stilt Walkers add that extra sprinkle of wonder and awe to your experience.

images/Champagne%20Hostess/Stilt%20Walkers%20Gold%20Coast.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Champagne Hostess/Stilt Walkers Gold Coast.jpg?width=570&height=570

Blossom Bubbly Belles

Imagine a cascade of bubbly goodness as our Blossom Bubbly Belles gracefully pour champagne from above, filling your glasses with effervescent joy.

images/Floral%20Greeters/Floral%20Stilt%20Walkers.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/Floral Stilt Walkers.jpg?width=570&height=570

Vibrant Blossoms

Get ready to be swept away by a riot of colors and the beauty of nature as we introduce our Vibrant Blossoms Stilt Walkers.

images/Floral%20Greeters/Stilt%20Walkers%20Brisbane.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/Stilt Walkers Brisbane.jpg?width=570&height=570

Happy Hibiscus

Step into a world of enchantment with our Happy Hibiscus roving duo. These towering figures bring a burst of color and cheer wherever they go, turning every moment into a celebration.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Tango%20Lillies%201.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Tango Lillies 1.jpg?width=570&height=570

Crimson Lilies

Prepare to be mesmerized by the allure of the Crimson Lilies! These stilt walkers are here to bring a touch of sophistication and beauty to your special moments.

images/Floral%20Greeters/Tropicana%20Stilts_2.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/Tropicana Stilts_2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Havana Tropics

Whether you're sipping on mojitos at a Cuban-themed party, exploring the bustling streets of Havana, or simply adding a touch of tropical magic, our Havana Tropics are perfect addition to elevate your event.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Bubbles%20on%20Stilts.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Bubbles on Stilts.jpg?width=570&height=570

Bubbles on Stilts

Imagine a sky filled with shimmering bubbles, and these graceful figures walking on stilts high above, creating a dazzling spectacle that captivates both young and old.

images/Childrens/Flower%20Power%202.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/Flower Power 2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Flower Power

Embrace the magic of nature's colors and let "Flower Power" elevate your celebration to new heights!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Black%20n%20Gold.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Black n Gold.jpg?width=570&height=570


Picture yourself amidst an event, a gala, or a celebration, where these graceful performers in their black and gold attire and feathered headdresses add a touch of regal splendor to the atmosphere.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Butterflies%20xl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Butterflies xl.jpg?width=570&height=570


Get ready to be captivated by the graceful beauty of these winged wonders as they take flight at your event, spreading joy and wonder with every step.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Black%20Magic.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Black Magic.jpg?width=570&height=570

Midnight Majesty

Join us in embracing the enchantment, and let "Midnight Majesty" add a touch of sophistication to your night-time celebrations!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Circus%20Duo%20xl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Circus Duo xl.jpg?width=570&height=570

Cirque Spinners

Get ready for a whirlwind of talent and fun as we introduce 'Cirque Spinners" who's not just soaring above but also twirling down below with a mesmerising hula hoop act!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Carnivale%20Showgirl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Carnivale Showgirl.jpg?width=570&height=570


Step right up and join the carnival fun! Don't miss the chance to experience the excitement and thrill brought to you by our Carnival Dressed Stilt Walker!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Ice%20Queens%20xl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Ice Queens xl.jpg?width=570&height=570

Ice Queens

Step into a world of icy elegance as we introduce our enchanting Ice Queens! With a heart as cold as ice and a demeanor that exudes regal charm, they will captivate your senses and steal your breath away.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Rainbow%20Stilts.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Rainbow Stilts.jpg?width=570&height=570


Vibrant Rainbows arch into the sky, flying over the crowd, including everyone in a sphere of radiant joy.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Elegant%20LED%20Ladies.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Elegant LED Ladies.jpg?width=570&height=570

Glowing Aristocrats

Step into a world of enchantment with our Glowing Aristocrats! These towering figures are here to elevate your event to a new level of sophistication and radiance.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Sequin%20Suits.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Sequin Suits.jpg?width=570&height=570

Sequin Suits

Half female, half serpent, the Sequin Suit stilt walkers are top-to-toe sequins, enchanting every onlooker with their mesmerizing charm as they gracefully glide through the event,.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Gold%20%20Black.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Gold  Black.jpg?width=570&height=570

Sparkling Elegance

Whether you're hosting a grand gala, a glamorous soirée, or any occasion where style meets splendor, our "Sparkling Elegance" are the epitome of grace and dazzle.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Ms%20Rose.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Ms Rose.jpg?width=570&height=570

Rosy Elegance

Rosy Elegance" is a living work of art, a vision of grace and poise reminiscent of an era when elegance reigned supreme.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Mistletoe.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Mistletoe.jpg?width=570&height=570


'Tis the season of joy, love, and a little sprinkle of enchantment as we celebrate the tradition of Mistletoe!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Glamorous%20Showgirl%20Stilt%20Walker.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Glamorous Showgirl Stilt Walker.jpg?width=570&height=570

Glamorous Showgirl

Whether you're hosting a dazzling gala, a cabaret-themed event, or simply seeking to add a touch of Hollywood-style flair to your gathering, our Showgirl Stilt Walker is the embodiment of sophistication and entertainment!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Pretty%20Pink.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Pretty Pink.jpg?width=570&height=570

Floral Elegance

"Floral Elegance" is a living embodiment of a garden in full bloom. She brings the beauty of nature and the charm of spring to life with every graceful step.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Samba%20Showgirls%202.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Samba Showgirls 2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Samba Showgirls

Get ready to samba your way into a world of passion, rhythm, and electrifying energy as we introduce you to our sensational Samba Showgirls!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Vintage%20glamour%20stilts_2.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Vintage glamour stilts_2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Vintage Glam: Style 1

Whether you're a lover of the Roaring Twenties, the Golden Age of Hollywood, or the Swinging Sixties, Vintage Glam has a look and feel that transcends time.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Red%20Circus.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Red Circus.jpg?width=570&height=560

Circus Showgirl

From her feathered headpiece to her sparkling, sequined outfit, this Circus Showgirl evokes the spirit of the circus with every twirl and spin.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Sci-fi.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Sci-fi.jpg?width=570&height=570


Get ready to be transported to a futuristic realm where the unimaginable becomes reality! Our Sci-Fi Stilt Walker is here to make your sci-fi dreams come true

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Sunshine.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Sunshine.jpg?width=570&height=570


Watch as they gracefully move through the crowd, their costumes and accessories shining like the sun itself.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Showgirl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Showgirl.jpg?width=570&height=570

Stellar Showgirl

Join us under the starlit sky and witness the enchantment of our Showgirl Stilt Walker with LED Wings.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Waiter%20Stilt%20Walker.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Waiter Stilt Walker.png?width=570&height=570


With grace and poise, this remarkable performer takes your dining experience to new heights. Balancing a serving tray high in the air, ensuring that your every need is met with elegance and style.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Vintage.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Vintage.jpg?width=570&height=570

Vintage Glam: Style 2

Join us in celebrating the elegance of yesteryears and let Vintage Glam be a source of inspiration for your own personal style and events!

images/Childrens/Bubble%20Gum.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/Bubble Gum.jpg?width=570&height=570

Bubble Gum

In a world of sweet dreams and delightful surprises, this whimsical performer takes your imagination to new heights on stilts while embodying the joy of a giant, living bubblegum.


Butterfly: Style 2

With every towering step, they paint the world with a palette of vivid hues, leaving a trail of happiness in their wake.

images/Childrens/LadyBug%20Stilt%20Walkers.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/LadyBug Stilt Walkers.jpg?width=570&height=570

Lady Beetles

Watch as they gracefully roam the event, their costumes adorned with black spots, bringing the essence of the lady beetle to life.

images/Mask%20Acts/Venetian%20Stilt.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mask Acts/Venetian Stilt.jpg?width=570&height=570


Join us in a journey to the Venetian Carnival, where every step is a dance, every gaze is a masked encounter, and every memory is a piece of art.

images/Childrens/Mr%20Cowboy.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/Mr Cowboy.png?width=570&height=570

Mr Cowboy

Yeehaw! Get ready to experience the Wild West like never before as our larger-than-life cowboy takes center stage.

images/LED%20%20Neon/LED%20Doll%20Stilt%20Walker.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/LED  Neon/LED Doll Stilt Walker.jpg?width=570&height=570

LED Dolls

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting presence of our LED Doll, a living doll that brings magic to life with every step!

images/Childrens/Ms%20Bubbles.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/Ms Bubbles.jpg?width=570&height=570

Ms Bubbles

Get ready to chase your troubles away with the most delightful roving act on two wheels - Ms. Bubbles on her enchanting scooter.

images/Mask%20Acts/Stilt%20Walkers%20Sunshine%20Coast.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mask Acts/Stilt Walkers Sunshine Coast.jpg?width=570&height=570


Invite our Red and Black Striders to your event and witness the transformation of your gathering into a visual masterpiece!

images/LED%20%20Neon/LED%20Showgirl%20on%20Stilts.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/LED  Neon/LED Showgirl on Stilts.jpg?width=570&height=570

Glowing Elegance

The Glowing Elegance Stilt Walker brings a touch of magic to any event, where every towering step is a dance of light, and every movement is a celebration of sophistication.

images/Childrens/LED%20Prince%20Stilt%20Walker.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/LED Prince Stilt Walker.jpg?width=570&height=570

LED Prince

Join us in the grandeur of this modern fairy tale and witness the magic of our LED Prince Stilt Walker.

images/Childrens/Mr%20Bubbles.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Childrens/Mr Bubbles.png?width=570&height=570

Mr Bubbles

Step into a world of whimsy and join Mr. Bubbles on towering stilts for a grand bubble extravaganza!

images/LED%20%20Neon/King%20Neptune%20%20Jellyfish.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/LED  Neon/King Neptune  Jellyfish.jpg?width=570&height=570

King Neptune & Jellyfish

Immerse yourself in the magic of the sea, and make your event an unforgettable voyage into the realms of King Neptune & Jellyfish Extravaganza!

images/LED%20%20Neon/LED%20Cyber%20Doll.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/LED  Neon/LED Cyber Doll.jpg?width=570&height=570

Luminescent Cyborg

Let the Luminescent Cyborg take your event to new heights, where the future meets the present in a luminous display of innovation and artistry.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Electric.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Electric.jpg?width=570&height=570


Let the Electric Stilt Walker illuminate your event, creating a luminous atmosphere that will spark conversations and leave a lasting impression.

images/Mask%20Acts/Galactic%20Red.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mask Acts/Galactic Red.jpg?width=570&height=570


Let the Galactic Stilt Walker take your event to new heights, where the boundaries of the earthly realm dissolve, and the wonders of the cosmos come to life in a captivating spectacle!

images/Mask%20Acts/Masquerade%20Cirque_2.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mask Acts/Masquerade Cirque_2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Whimsical Masquerade

Let the Whimsical Masquerade Stilt Walker bring a sense of wonder to your gathering, creating an experience that is both magical and unforgettable!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Firemen%20Stilt%20Walkers.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Firemen Stilt Walkers.png?width=570&height=570

Fire Fighters

Let the Firefighter Stilt Walkers add an element of heroism and excitement to your event, creating an experience that resonates with gratitude and admiration.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Light%20Prince%20%20Priestess.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Light Prince  Priestess.png?width=570&height=570

Royalty Radiance

Imagine towering figures adorned in majestic attire, gracefully gliding through your event with an air of royal elegance.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Artist%20on%20Stilts%202.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Artist on Stilts 2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Artist on Stilts

Let the Artist on Stilts bring a unique flair to your event, creating an atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of expression and the magic of artistic enchantment.

images/Mask%20Acts/Ethereal%20Act.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mask Acts/Ethereal Act.jpg?width=570&height=570


Let the Ethereal Stilt Walker elevate your event, creating an experience that captivates with the magic and wonder of the ethereal realms.

images/Circus/Circus%20Dollies%201.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Circus/Circus Dollies 1.jpg?width=570&height=570

Circus Dollies

Let the Circus Dollies bring laughter, wonder, and a touch of childhood magic to your event, creating an atmosphere that is as delightful as a day under the big top!

images/Enchanted/Reindeer%20Stilt%20Walkers.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Enchanted/Reindeer Stilt Walkers.jpg?width=570&height=570

Festive Antlers

Book our Festive Antlers for your event and let the magic of the holidays come alive. Perfect for Christmas parties or winter festivals.

images/Fire%20%20Ice/Fire%20%20Ice%20Stilt%20Walkers%20xl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Fire  Ice/Fire  Ice Stilt Walkers xl.jpg?width=570&height=570

Fire & Ice

Let the Fire and Ice Stilt Walkers elevate your event, creating an atmosphere that is as dynamic and unforgettable as the forces of nature themselves.

images/Enchanted/Whimsical%20Wing.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Enchanted/Whimsical Wing.jpg?width=570&height=570


Our Whimsy Spectacle brings a touch of playfulness and wonder to your gathering, creating an atmosphere that sparkles with joy and delight.

images/Halloween/Style%204.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Halloween/Style 4.jpg?width=570&height=570

Haunting Glamazons

Enchanting and mysterious, these ethereal beings gracefully glide on stilts, casting an aura of haunting glamour over your event.

images/Floral%20Greeters/Floral%20Havana%20Greeters.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/Floral Havana Greeters.jpg?width=570&height=570

Tropical Glamour Tall Ladies

Let Tropical Glamour bring the heat and glamour of the tropics to your event, creating an atmosphere that is as vibrant and unforgettable as the streets of Havana!

images/Xmas/Red%20Ribbon%20Stilts.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Xmas/Red Ribbon Stilts.jpg?width=570&height=570

Crimson Ribbon

Imagine a graceful dance where crimson ribbons twirl through the air, weaving a tale of beauty and sophistication.

images/Mask%20Acts/Silhouettes.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mask Acts/Silhouettes.jpg?width=570&height=570

Shadow Grace

Witness the transformation as Shadow Grace elevates your event, creating an atmosphere that is as enigmatic and captivating as the dance of shadows itself.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Romantic%20Rosie%20Stilt.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Romantic Rosie Stilt.jpg?width=570&height=570

Romantic Rosie

Witness the transformation as Romantic Rosie elevates your event, creating an atmosphere that is as tender, charming, and romantic as a timeless love story.

images/Fire%20%20Ice/Firestarter.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Fire  Ice/Firestarter.jpg?width=570&height=570


Let the Fire Starters elevate your event, creating an atmosphere that is as hot, vibrant, and unforgettable as the flames themselves.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Angel.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Angel.jpg?width=570&height=570


Let the Angel Stilt Walkers elevate your event, creating an atmosphere that is as heavenly, serene, and unforgettable as the celestial realms themselves.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Tropicana%20Stilt%20Walker.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Tropicana Stilt Walker.jpg?width=570&height=570

Tropical Sway

Watch as Tropical Sway elevates your event, creating an atmosphere that is as warm, vibrant, and unforgettable as the tropical breeze itself.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Gold%20Angel%20xl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Gold Angel xl.jpg?width=570&height=570

Gold Angel

Let the Gold Angel elevate your event, creating an atmosphere that is as golden, divine, and unforgettable as the celestial realms themselves.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Pucker%20Up.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Pucker Up.jpg?width=570&height=570

Lip Lock Elegance

Picture an extraordinary display of sophistication and grace as our stilt walkers, adorned in dazzling costumes, take center stage.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Ms%20Candy.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Ms Candy.jpg?width=570&height=570

Ms Candy

Step into a whimsical realm where sugar and joy collide as Ms. Candy graces your event with her vibrant and colorful persona

images/Champagne%20Hostess/Stilt%20Walker%20Champagne%20Service.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Champagne Hostess/Stilt Walker Champagne Service.jpg?width=570&height=570

Champagne Soirée

Book now and let the Champagne Soirée Stilt Walker turn your event into a sparkling celebration that will be remembered long after the last glass is raised!

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Mummy.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Mummy.jpg?width=570&height=570


Embark on a spine-chilling adventure with our Mummy Stilt Walker! Unwrap the mystery and add a touch of eerie elegance to your event.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Floral%20Elegance%202.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Floral Elegance 2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Floral Elegance: Style 2

Feel the delicate petals brushing against the air as these captivating beings move with the fluidity of a blossoming flower.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Glamorous%20Duo.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Glamorous Duo.jpg?width=570&height=570

Opulent Elegance

Let the Opulent Elegance Stilt Walkers elevate your event, creating an atmosphere that is as luxurious, refined, and unforgettable as the most lavish dreams.

images/Halloween/halloween%20Performers.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Halloween/halloween Performers.jpg?width=570&height=570

Spooky Characters

Let the Spooky Characters enchant your event, creating an atmosphere that is as spine-chilling, enchanting, and unforgettable as the most haunting dreams.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Blue%20Showgirl.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Blue Showgirl.jpg?width=570&height=570

Dazzling Diva

Let the Dazzling Diva steal the show, creating an atmosphere that is as glamorous, dazzling, and unforgettable as the brightest lights of Broadway!

images/Halloween/Halloween%20Stilt%20Walker.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Halloween/Halloween Stilt Walker.jpg?width=570&height=570

Spooktacular Phantoms

Brace yourself for an otherworldly experience with our Spooktacular Phantoms—Prepare to be enchanted by their ghostly grace and mysterious magic.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Gothic.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Gothic.jpg?width=570&height=570

Vampiric Twilight

Picture the scene as Vampiric Twilight glides through the crowd, fangs glistening and cape billowing with each dramatic step.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Rainbow.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Rainbow.jpg?width=570&height=570

Rainbow Radiance

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Calypso.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Calypso.jpg?width=570&height=570


images/Stilt%20Walkers/Tribual%20Stilt%20Walkers.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Tribual Stilt Walkers.jpg?width=570&height=570


images/Stilt%20Walkers/Majestic.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Majestic.jpg?width=400&height=400


Picture yourself surrounded by the grandeur of ancient Egyptian culture, where our stilt walkers, adorned in majestic attire, evoke the spirit of pharaohs and queens.

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Stilt%20Walkers%20Brisbane%20Gold%20Coast%20Sunshine%20Coast%20%20Byron%20Bay%20.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Stilt Walkers Brisbane Gold Coast Sunshine Coast  Byron Bay .jpg?width=570&height=570

Christmas Stars

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Rainbow%202.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Rainbow 2.jpg?width=570&height=570

Rainbow Gliders

images/Stilt%20Walkers/Hula%20Spinner.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Hula Spinner.jpg?width=570&height=570

Ms Hula Hoops

Stilt Walking Extravaganza

Brisbane Brilliance
Immerse your events in the vibrant atmosphere of Brisbane with our skilled Stilt Walkers. Whether it's a corporate affair, a lively festival, or a unique celebration, our performers bring an extra dimension of excitement to every occasion.

Golden Moments on the Gold Coast
Set against the stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast, our Stilt Walkers add a touch of sophistication to your events. Watch as they gracefully stroll through your gatherings, creating golden moments and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Sunshine Coast Sunshine and Stilts
Bring the sunshine and the spectacle to your events on the Sunshine Coast. Our talented Stilt Walkers elevate the energy with their captivating performances, turning any occasion into a sun-kissed celebration that will be talked about for years to come.

Byron Bay Bohemian Elegance
For a bohemian twist to your events, our Stilt Walkers in Byron Bay are the perfect choice. Infuse a sense of whimsy and elegance into your gatherings as they gracefully navigate through the free-spirited atmosphere of this coastal paradise.

Why Choose Our Stilt Walkers?
Professional and highly skilled performers.
Tailored performances for all occasions.
Captivating and unforgettable experiences for your guests.
Available for events in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Byron Bay.
Make your events stand out with our Stilt Walkers.

Extended Service Regions:
In addition to our primary locations, we proudly offer our services in Cairns, Port Douglas, Whitsundays, Mackay, and various regions across Queensland, including Rockhampton, Bundaberg, and Hervey Bay.

Contact us today to book a performance that will elevate your gatherings to new heights in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Byron Bay. 

Stilt Walkers Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, & Byron Bay

Supplementary Amusements

Impress your guests with visually stunning roving performers. Create an exciting atmosphere and watch as they roam amongst guests, meeting and greeting, mix and mingling, dancing through spaces and posing for photos, that's guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Select from a wide range of roving entertainment options: Bubble Spheres, Acrobats, Roving Showgirls, Stilt Walkers, Ballerinas and more.

We offer high-end entertainment for your selection. Browse our roster of Winter themed acts, Summer themed acts or Spring themed acts.

For further information or to make a booking, simply contact us.


images/Ballet/Avant%20Garde%20Pink.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Ballet/Avant Garde Pink.jpg?width=570&height=570


images/Champagne%20Hostess/Hostess.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Champagne Hostess/Hostess.jpg?width=570&height=570

Champagne Service

Champagne Service
images/Stilt%20Walkers/Glamorous%20Showgirl%20Stilt%20Walker.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Stilt Walkers/Glamorous Showgirl Stilt Walker.jpg?width=570&height=570

Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers
images/Floral%20Greeters/roving%20flowers%201.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Floral Greeters/roving flowers 1.jpg?width=570&height=570

Floral Greeters

Floral Greeters
images/Acrobats/Hand%20Balancing.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Acrobats/Hand Balancing.jpg?width=570&height=570


images/Human%20Statues/Female%20Colonial.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Human Statues/Female Colonial.jpg?width=570&height=570

Human Statue

Human Statue
images/Human%20Statues/Grecian%20Goddess.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Human Statues/Grecian Goddess.jpg?width=570&height=570

Human Statue

Human Statue
images/Tall%20Ladies/Floral%20Havana%20Greeters.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Tall Ladies/Floral Havana Greeters.jpg?width=570&height=570

Tall Ladies

Tall Ladies
images/Showgirls/Bond%20Showgirls.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Showgirls/Bond Showgirls.jpg?width=570&height=570


images/Mirror%20Acts/Disco%20Head%20Diva.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Mirror Acts/Disco Head Diva.jpg?width=570&height=570

Mirror Acts

Mirror Acts
images/Martini%20Glass/Burlesque%20Dancer.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Martini Glass/Burlesque Dancer.jpg?width=570&height=570

Martini Glass

Martini Glass
images/Hula%20Hoop/Double%20Fire%20Hoops.jpg#joomlaImage://local-images/Hula Hoop/Double Fire Hoops.jpg?width=570&height=570

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops















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