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The tales woven through our celebrations!

Explore the essence of our world through the Luxe wedding and party portfolio, a vibrant showcase capturing the essence of our most extraordinary gatherings. It's a compendium of unparalleled celebrations set in stunning venues and captivating party destinations.

From captivating entertainment to unforgettable moments that linger in hearts and memories long after the celebrations have ended, each element is as distinct as the individuals for whom they were meticulously crafted. This symphony of personalised details intertwines to create a tapestry of experiences, painting a vivid and cherished story unique to every cherished guest and honored couple.

Corporate Christmas Extravaganza

The enchanting waves of the iconic Cafe del Mar Sydney played host to a corporate Christmas party that transcended the ordinary, turning into a spectacular showcase of talent and wonder.

The night was transformed into a magical circus wonderland, where guests were treated to a feast for the senses, courtesy of a dynamic ensemble featuring a circus stilt walker, a hula hoop artist, a world champion LED juggler, and an enthralling mirror duo.

Client feedback
Just wanted to follow up after Friday night and let you know your performers all did a great job. They were all extremely professional and fantastic at what they did.The clients loved them all. Thank you for making our part pop and making it memorable for our clients.Till next year! Merry Christmas to you, your staff and families - Amy

Marsden Park Halloween Fair

Step into the enchanting world of Marsden Park Halloween Fair, where whimsical creatures roamed and delighted guests with their mesmerising performances. The star attractions of the evening? None other than our incredible Roving Mantis and Butterfly Stilt Walkers, who brought a touch of magic to this spooky celebration!

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Roving Mantis emerged from the shadows, its long limbs and mysterious gaze captivating everyone in its path. With graceful movements and a hint of mischief, the mantis weaved through the crowd, offering an interactive experience that left guests both thrilled and curious.

In contrast to the mantis, the Butterfly Stilt Walkers added an air of grace and elegance to the fair. Adorned in vibrant, iridescent wings that shimmered in the moonlight, these majestic creatures gracefully glided through the festivities on their tall stilts.

Client feedback
It was SO GOOD !!!! People loved it- The stilt walkers were very engaging and we got heaps of photos - Theesan

Hair Festival Extravaganza

The Hair Festival Party was a symphony of futuristic marvels that transported attendees into a realm of unparalleled entertainment. The LED Wings Show stole the spotlight as performers adorned with mesmerizing LED wings dazzled the audience, their graceful movements tracing patterns of light against the night sky. Amidst the spectacle, the Roving Disco Head Divas added an extra layer of glitz and glam, their illuminated headpieces and vibrant outfits turning heads as they danced through the crowd.

Then came the grand finale—the Electrobot and the spectacular LED Gaga Show. The Electrobot's futuristic dance moves synchronised perfectly with the LED Gaga Show, a visual extravagansa where LED lights pulsated in sync with the electrifying performance, elevating the Hair Festival Party to a whole new level of excitement and innovation.

Client feedback:
Thanks soo much to you and your team for Sunday – it was amazing and the feedback has been incredible! - Renita

Floral Elegance

At the heart of the community event in Dalby stood the enchanting Floral Elegance performers, a vision of natural beauty and grace. Adorned in exquisite botanical-inspired costumes, they greeted guests with the gentle sway of petals.

Each performer embodied the essence of nature's elegance, their attire intricately woven with floral motifs that seemed to come alive as they moved, resembling a living garden in motion.

As they welcomed attendees with radiant smiles and gestures reminiscent of blossoming flowers, a sense of serenity and wonder permeated the gathering, setting the tone for a harmonious celebration.

Clients feedback:
The acts were such a hit! Their presence was such a great addition to our opening event. Thanks for your time - Caitlin


L'Oréal Xmas Party

The L'Oréal Xmas Party became a canvas for innovation and glamour as Pixel Couture performers and LED Disco Head Divas took the stage, captivating guests with their futuristic allure.

The Pixel Couture performers, clad in sleek, high-tech garments adorned with vibrant LED lights, moved in synchrony, creating mesmerising displays that seemed straight out of a digital dream. Their outfits, each pixel a brushstroke of illumination, transformed with every movement, showcasing a symphony of colors that mirrored the festive spirit of the occasion.

The LED Disco Head Divas stole the spotlight, donning headpieces that radiated an aura of sophistication and playfulness. Their shimmering headgear, a fusion of LED lights and sparkling embellishments, added a touch of retro-futurism to the party. As they danced and mingled with guests, their infectious energy and vibrant personas elevated the atmosphere, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the glitzy spectacle.

Client feedback:
Thank you for everything - the performers did a great job and we had lovely feedback from guests - Rosie

Prudential of Brazil

The Prudential of Brazil Gala Dinner reached new heights of entertainment with the dazzling performance by our Disco Head Divas.

Their magnetic presence and stellar moves turned the event into an electrifying dance extravaganza. As the music filled the air, guests couldn't resist hitting the dance floor, creating an atmosphere brimming with infectious energy and pure euphoria. The divas brought an unparalleled spark to the evening, ensuring that every moment was filled with unparalleled vibrancy and joy.

Client feedback: 
Excellent service from start to finish. Our guests loved the attraction. If I host an event in Sydney again, we will definitely work together again - Jessica 

Angela's 50th Birthday

Angela's 50th Birthday Celebration at the iconic Establishment Bar in Sydney, became an extraordinary affair with a lineup of sensational entertainment.

Our enchanting mirror ballerinas gracefully enchanted guests, adding a touch of elegance and mystique to the ambiance. The fake paparazzi created a thrilling atmosphere, snapping candid shots that added an air of celebrity allure to the festivities.

The LED Gaga dance spectacle dazzled the crowd, pulsating with energy and leaving everyone in awe with its vibrant and electrifying performance. To cap off the night, a tantalizing burlesque show added an element of allure and sophistication, ensuring Angela's celebration was nothing short of spectacular.

Client feedback:
Thank you so much for all the wonderful entertainment on Saturday. Your performers were all amazingly talented and beautiful to watch. It was so much fun! Angela

Bespoke Wedding Celebration

In the realm of bespoke wedding celebrations, ours took an unconventional and whimsical turn, crafting an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests.

At the heart of this unique affair were four inflatable pigs that stirred up surprise and excitement. These charmingly quirky additions didn't just steal the spotlight; they orchestrated a lively flash mob, coaxing guests onto the dance floor. As the inflatable pigs grooved and swayed, their infectious energy spread like wildfire, creating an irresistible urge for everyone to join in the joyous dance. It was an unexpected yet delightful moment that transformed the celebration into a spirited and memorable affair, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

Client feedback:
We just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your performers for the fantastic job that they did on Saturday. Please extend our compliments to the dancers, who, in addition to providing a wonderful performance, absolutely ensured that our wedding was a memorable event! - Jared & John

Sydney World Pride

The streets of Sydney came alive with a spectacular display as our Gold Futuristic Femmes, LED Galaxy Girls, and Disco Head Divas roved through the vibrant festivities of Sydney World Pride Celebration.

Radiating an aura of futuristic glamour, our Gold Futuristic Femmes dazzled onlookers with their shimmering gold attire and captivating LED displays, adding a touch of cosmic elegance to the celebratory atmosphere.

Alongside them, our LED Galaxy Girls cast a celestial spell, their ethereal presence and luminous costumes captivating the crowds and adding an otherworldly allure to the Pride celebrations. As they moved through the streets, their graceful and vibrant performance became a focal point, spreading joy and adding a unique flair to the jubilant ambiance of Sydney World Pride.

Client feedback
Thank you for your participation, this event was definitely a festival within the festival and an absolute mammoth task but it will be one to remember. The bar has been set for Washington D.C so pat yourself on the back, take a break, have a spritz and acknowledge what you just did. The future of Oxford Street and surrounds is now proudly in your hands, a street for everyone. So please, continue to gather, dream and amplify! Yours in Pride Always, - The team at Sydney World Pride Villages Coordinator - Billy 

Flichella 2023 Highlight

Flichella shimmered and glowed with an array of futuristic and mesmerising performances that set the event apart. Our offering of LED Electrobots, a dazzling LED spectacle, captivated the audience with their robotic moves and vibrant lights that illuminated the night. Alongside this, our LED Poi Performers spun circles of light, creating a hypnotic display that painted the evening with trails of illuminated beauty. Adding to the cosmic charm were our enchanting LED Galaxy Girls, who graced the event with their celestial allure, enhancing the ambiance with their ethereal presence.

These roving acts didn't just light up the night; they transported attendees into a realm of futuristic enchantment, creating an unforgettable experience at Flichella 2023.

Client feedback:
WOOOOW. I love it so much they are going to SQUEAL when they see that. HA! - Suzi

Wedding After Party

Avnit & Ashneel's wedding after-party aboard the Starship Aqua was a night to remember, elevated by an array of captivating and elegant performances.

Our glamorous roving showgirl and roving male angel, dressed in resplendent costumes, glided among the guests, enchanting everyone with their sophistication and grace. Our canape hostess added an extra touch of charm ensuring guests were treated to delectable bites throughout the evening. Adding to the opulence, our glamorous gold champagne skirt hostess captivated the crowd, offering an interactive and luxurious experience by presenting drinks in a unique and visually stunning manner.

The crescendo of the night was our Fiesta Fantastica Brazilian Extravaganza feature show, an explosion of vibrant colors and infectious rhythms that transported guests to the heart of a Brazilian carnival. The extravaganza enthralled the audience with its samba dancers, pulsating beats, and electrifying performances, creating an atmosphere of exuberance and celebration that echoed the joy of the newlyweds.

Client feedback:
Thanks so much for Saturday night Slavica – you guys were all so amazing and everyone loved your work. Please thank every team member on behalf of us ❤

Dubbo Dream Festival

At the heart of the Dubbo Dream Festival, our LED Gaga Dance Spectacular left an indelible mark, delivering a performance that was both visually stunning and energetically enthralling.

As the festival's highlight, our dancers merged art and technology seamlessly, mesmerising the audience with their choreographed precision and dazzling LED-infused costumes. The spectacle they created on stage was a fusion of innovation and entertainment, leaving the crowd spellbound and encapsulating the essence of the festival's dream-like atmosphere.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and artistry in motion captivated festival-goers, transforming the Dubbo Dream Festival stage into a dynamic and unforgettable showcase.

Client feedback:
Thank you and the Performers. They really were a big win with the crowds as they all swarmed the performers for photos - SJ Carter

Cosmic Sparkle

Amidst the laughter and music, the disco head divas and cosmic sparkle moved like celestial beings, their glittering outfits reflecting the fireworks bursting overhead.

Their contagious enthusiasm brought an ethereal vibe to the festivities, drawing everyone into their orbit. Each diva was a beacon of joy and flamboyance, their cosmic sparkle a reminder that amidst the vastness of the universe, the human spirit shines brightly, especially on nights like New Year's Eve at the Dudley Reserve.

Client feedback:
Thanks for the entertainment again, it goes down so well with the crowd, they love it - Johnathan

Bendigo Easter Parade

Our Gold Futuristic Femmes stole the show at the Bendigo Easter Parade, captivating not just the adults but also thrilling and exciting the younger audience.

Dressed in dazzling futuristic attire that sparkled under the sun, these vibrant performers brought an otherworldly charm to the festivities. As they paraded through the streets, their presence was magnetic, drawing the attention of kids who were mesmerised by the glimmering costumes and the enchanting aura these futuristic femmes exuded.

Their playful interactions and futuristic elements, combined with a sprinkle of theatricality, created an atmosphere of wonder and excitement for children, making the Bendigo Easter Parade an event to remember for all ages.

Client Feedback:
We hired the Gold Mirror Futuristic Femmes for our client and they did a fantastic job being part of street parades at the Bendigo Easter Festival - Evonne



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